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Ukraine Aid Operations

Rocket Lamp created from 220mm 9M27K1 cargo rocket

Rocket Lamp created from 220mm 9M27K1 cargo rocket

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The Rocket Light is made from the cargo section of 220 mm 9M27K / 9M27K1 rocket, hundreds of which have been fired toward Ukrainian cities by the Russian aggressors.    The main concept of this work is as old as the world itself: light will overcome darkness. By transforming a rusty Russian projectile designed to maim and kill into a source of light, the artist wished to recreate an ancient allegory: Ukraine will rise from the dark times that now envelope it and flourish, just as a projectile built for the purpose of destroying will now illuminate.

About the Artist: Dmytro Petkun is a cinematographer from Kyiv, Ukraine, and has been working as the Director of Photography for more than 10 years on a wide variety of projects both at home and abroad, producing films, TV series, and commercials.

An artist at heart, he spends most of his free time designing, and has already launched five unique brands, the latest being _memorybox_ which are custom-made installation spaces for personal artifacts designed to preserve an individual’s memories in a way that personally resonates with them.

(Due to war conditions, some shipments will be delivered in 2-3 months from date of purchase.)

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