UKR Defenders' Needs

Winter Uniforms & Gear

ukraine war soldiers with winter uniforms

Help us provide vital winter clothing and warmth to the heroic defenders of Ukraine.

Field Hospital Tents

ukraine war field hospital tents fundraiser

Help us save heroes’ lives by donating to our Field Hospital Tents fundraiser.

Night Vision Devices

night vision device night vision monocular image

Help Ukrainian defenders see the enemy or obstacles by night and carry out missions in a more secure way.

Shop, Art & More

Amazon Gift List(s)

Amazon Wishlist

You can also donate gear via Amazon wishlist. DE will be faster; USA will have more items and items not available in DE:

Art, Crafts & More

Ukraine art auction Ukrainian craft

Buy & bid on beautiful art, crafts and memorabilia including some made of tanks, planes and more.

UAO Merchandise

Online Shop UAO Merchandise Items

Show your support for Ukraine’s defenders by buying from our merchandise shop. Ships worldwide, visit our shop for more items, colors & designs.

Other Ways You Can Donate

Wire Transfer

Bank transfer Wire transfer




You can donate via our PayPal account here in either EUR, USD or GBP:

Donate for Logistics

Ukraine Aid Ops Logistics

Donate for logistics costs for the ground team in Ukraine. These funds will be used for vehicles, maintenance, repairs, fuel and other incidentals.

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Euro Account: 

IBAN: GB98 HBUK 4012 7690 1292 98 


Recipient: United Aid & Logistics



Sepa bank transfers (IBAN payments) from a euro to a euro account are free of charge. For Swift transfers the bank takes a fee.

For domestic wires and ACH
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United Aid and Logistics Foundation
Routing number: 084106768
Account number: 9801277943
Account type: Checking
Bank address:
Evolve Bank and Trust
6070 Poplar Ave, Suite 200
Memphis TN 38119
United States

For International Wires:

Receiving/Intermediary Bank:
SWIFT / BIC: FRNAUS44XXX (Remove the trailing XXX if you are asked for an eight-digit code)
First National Bankers Bank
7813 Office Park Blvd
Baton Rouge, LA 70809

United States

United Aid and Logistics Foundation
Evolve Bank and Trust
Account number: 084106768
6070 Poplar Ave, Suite 200
Memphis, TN 38119
United States

Account 9801277943 for United Aid and Logistics Foundation at Evolve Bank & Trust

GBP Account:

IBAN: GB09HBUK40413062419335


Recipient: United Aid & Logistics