October 2023 Update - FPV drones become more and more critical!

October 2023 Update - FPV drones become more and more critical!

With winter on its way, and trees shedding their leaves, concealment is becoming harder, and movement more dangerous. Russia has invested heavily in drone production, displacing Ukraine's original advantage in this field, while new Chinese export restrictions have severely reduced the flow of drones and critical components to Ukraine. It is true there are positive sounds from the Ukrainian government about centralized, increased domestic drone production, but for now units are turning to volunteer organizations like UAO to help them through the winter


From dawn till dusk. From dusk till dawn. Barely a moment of slack. This is the routine our friends are facing in Avdiivka, Bakhmut and Kupiansk day after day. They stand their ground, and they repel the enemy, but they are holding on by a thread. The situation on the battlefield is becoming very hard for our friends right now.

Ask any Ukrainian soldier what they need the most and drones will always show up at the top of the list. There is a constant need for assets in the sky against a growing shortage of supply. FPVs are among the most vital drone categories for multiple precision missions. It's time to turn our attention to this specific gap.

At UAO, we are extremely proud to have imported a large shipment of drone components already. New FPV-drones are being assembled as we speak. But we need to keep these pieces coming, so our friends can keep the Russian hydra at bay.

This is why we are launching a special FPV program and fundraiser. Each week, we will fundraise for a new specialised drone-operating unit to deliver around 20 FPV-drones, plus essentials like headsets and powerful controllers. For assembly, we co-operate with Khortytska Varta, the drone school which, besides preparing the tech, trains the pilots to ensure that the special features of the adapted drones are used to their full potential.

The first unit in line to receive a complete FPV-drone package will be the 241st Brigade TDF, 106th Battalion. 241st is a volunteer brigade of “moms, dads and retirees” (Forbes magazine), who have developed into serious fighters, playing decisive roles in the battle of Kyiv and Bakhmut. They have well-trained pilots who will make excellent use of our drones.

Some of the raised funds will go towards headsets, controllers, and other extras, and there are costs for assembly, but the bulk will be used to order precious new drone parts. A set of 20 high quality FPV-drones with headset and controller costs around $10,000. Any leftover funds will go to our general drone fund, which supplies units on demand.


Tired of loved ones guessing what you got them? Try wrapping up a piece of Russian SU-34 pierced on a Ukrainian 'Tryzub' and putting that under the tree. Or maybe jazz up some stocking fillers with a genuine SU-34 keychain; make an explosive gift of a beautifully painted 30mm shell case direct from the eastern front; or remind yourself to read more with an empty Russian helmet on your bookshelf.

Our exclusive UAO Victory Gallery has all this and more! Thanks to our curator Lenny and his team of talented Ukrainian artists, we offer a whole catalogue exclusive pieces made out of genuine battlefield artifacts. Perfect gifts for freedom lovers around the world.

The Victory Gallery art project is an initiative to turn artifacts of war into art. UAO collects military artifacts provided by Ukrainian soldiers, and works with local artists in Ukraine to transform them into pieces of art. Our objective is to turn the remnants of war back against the evil that brought them here. It was a proud day when General Zaluzhnyi accepted one of our VG Gallery gifts on his birthday!



All proceeds go to the support of our Ukrainian friends on the front lines – providing them with the equipment they most need.

Thank you for sticking with Ukraine. Together we will win this war!

Sincerely, the UAO Volunteer Team. 
Heroyam Slava!


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