March 2024 Update - Chasiv Yar Fundraiser & Critical Deliveries to Avdiivka

March 2024 Update - Chasiv Yar Fundraiser & Critical Deliveries to Avdiivka

After the fall of Avdiivka, Ukraine has struggled to stabilise the Avdiivka front. Despite downing russian fighter jets, sinking the occasional ship, and destroying parts of oil refineries every now and then, the situation has rapidly worsened for Ukrainian forces, with increasing russian pressure since the year's start. russians hold the initiative on most fronts, boasting superior numbers of weaponry and troops. Our aim as UAO is to help improve this situation, providing support to the most critical directions (see also below).

The lack of artillery ammunition and continued postponement of mobilisation rapidly raises the criticality of the situation. A failure to counter the russian advances could result in russia reaching the Dnipro River. With russia attacking in 17 locations simultaneously, including five main thrusts, it has steadily gaining more ground in the last few months, and a soviet era style “deep operation” looms large. Unfortunately, Europe too often is still talking instead of walking, and Donald Trump, through his proxy Speaker Mike Johnson, has so far succeeded in blocking the military aid Ukraine needs and deserves.

And yet, with the “now or never” moment on the horizon, we will not relent or tire, and hope, with your generous support, to make a difference helping Ukraine to prevail.

Your UAO Volunteer Team

Chasiv Yar and beyond 

After finally taking Bakhmut in May 2023, russian invaders are now pushing westward towards nearby Chasiv Yar, to set up assaults on key cities Kramatorsk and Slovyansk. Day and night, Chasiv Yar is pounded by ever more russian glide bombs and attacked by ever more newly rotated russian troops. One of the main units there is the 93rd Separate Mechanised Brigade, sent in to defend the town and its few remaining inhabitants for as long as possible.

On last week’s aid delivery trip to the eastern frontlines, we met a soldier of the 93rd, callsign “Mike”. En route to his unit, he emphasised the specific relevance of Chasiv Yar: “I have been in Chasiv Yar for half a year now, and I understand how strategically important this place really is. It’s the key to Konstantinivka, Druzhkivka, Kramatorsk and Sloviansk. If russia takes Chasiv Yar, God forbid, it has a straight runway to Kramatorsk and Sloviansk. I don’t believe we’ll just give it up. We’ll fight for every inch!”

We aim to raise $50,000 to $60,000 to supply 3-5 effective units currently defending Chasiv Yar with urgently needed equipment: new FPV and surveillance drones, drone-jamming devices, night vision devices and generators. You can support these valiant soldiers in their otherworldly effort, while America and Europe are still making up their minds about ramping up their military aid to Ukraine. Your contribution will definitely be instrumental to save the lives of many.

As always, we offer unique giveaways for your donations:

  • $ 250 - Patch of Donetsk region
  • $ 350 - Pin “Guardian of Chasiv Yar”
  • $ 850 - Box or plate with patches of three units defending Chasiv Yar
  • $ 1000 - Flag of Chasiv Yar signed by several defenders (10 available)

$ 1750 - The same box PLUS a private call with Air Defense commander who was part of the crew that shot the first Kinzhal out of the air (In April 2023)

For you military history buffs: The 93rd Separate Mechanised Brigade was deployed in the war in Donbas early on, stopping russian advances in various places in the East from 2014 until 2017, defending the Donetsk International Airport for as long as possible, earning its soldiers the moniker “cyborgs”. During the russian full-scale invasion of Ukraine, “Kholodny Yar”, became well known for its participation in the 2022 Kharkiv counteroffensive, earning its merits particularly for the liberation of Izium. Later, the brigade was sent into the fierce battle for Bakhmut, taking on wave upon wave of Wagner Group mercenaries particularly in the northern sector.

Many deliveries by the team - stabilising the front in the South and East

The last weeks have been pretty busy for our Ukraine ground team. Yuri and Rima made dozens of deliveries - distributing critical equipment such as FPV drones, surveillance drones, thermal devices, night-vision devices, generators, portable power units, and more!

In particular - thanks in part to a substantial donation by one of our supporters - we provided emergency support to help the fighters around Avdiivka to stabilise the front. Within a short time, the team with Rima, Yuri and further volunteers put together a package of critical equipment to help the 3rd Assault Brigade hold off the invaders long enough to save many defenders’ lives while they withdrew to more defensible lines. Via UAO, the brigade received several drones, many thermal vision devices, generators, portable power units, and more.

We also provided support to other spots of the front - including equipment that is relatively new in our inventory. Most importantly, for the first time, we provided all-new Ukrainian-made “Stalker” FPV drones to several units. We delivered these new FPV drones to several brigades, such as the Rubizh Brigade, 129th Brigade, 93rd Brigade, and - as shown in the photo below with Rima, Yuri and Sytske - to the 8th Regiment (Special Operation Forces). This was made possible thanks to your donations to the multiple FPV fundraisers we launched in the months before.

"Know the gear" - inverter generators

As part of our new newsletter series “Know the gear”, we provide more details about the equipment we provide, so that you know what we do with your donations. This time: inverter generators.

Why does UAO buy these items?

Soldier’s best friend in trenches, command posts or for mobile units: The portable petrol or diesel powered generator. UAO buys and delivers inverter generators, a type of generator that produces AC (Alternating Current) electricity, like a conventional generator, but then converts it into DC (Direct Current), and back again into almost noise-free AC. This makes the output of an inverter generator way more stable and reliable than a “conventional” generator, which is highly important for the running and charging of sensitive electronic products like laptops, tablets or drones (equipment many units use)! Therefore, many units request inverter generators from us, as inverters are critical for these decisive devices!

UAO buys and delivers inverter generators from your general donations and our German Amazon wishlist, ranging from 1,9 to 3,5 kW. Depending on the size, inverters are lighter than normal generators and hence more portable - important for mobile combat units.

Why is the item critical?

Lighting: Trenches are often dark, particularly during nighttime operations. Generators power lights to illuminate the trenches and dugouts, as well as command posts, allowing soldiers to navigate safely, perform tasks, and maintain vigilance against enemy attacks.

Communication: Effective communication is vital for coordinating movements, relaying orders, and gathering intelligence. Generators power communication equipment such as radios, telephones, and signal lamps, enabling seamless communication between different trench positions and command posts.

Heating and cooking: Trenches can be cold and damp environments, particularly in winter. Generators power heaters to provide warmth for soldiers, preventing hypothermia and maintaining morale. Additionally, they facilitate cooking equipment, ensuring soldiers have hot meals to sustain their energy and morale during extended operations

Weaponry and equipment maintenance: Generators charge drone batteries as well as power tools and machinery used for the maintenance and repair of equipment in the trenches. This ensures that firearms, artillery pieces, vehicles, and other essential assets remain operational and effective throughout the campaign.

Thank you for standing strong with Ukraine. Together, we will win this war!

Sincerely, the UAO volunteer team. 

Heroyam Slava!

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