July 2024 Update - Front line insights with the 10th Mountain Brigade & Exciting UAO Updates

July 2024 Update - Front line insights with the 10th Mountain Brigade & Exciting UAO Updates

Dear supporters of Ukraine,

in June, Russia continued its indiscriminate assaults with ever heavier glide bombs, now also deploying Iranian Arash drones, and the situation in the Chasiv Yar and Avdiivka regions remains difficult. So far, the valiant defenders of Ukraine deny Russia all but the most marginal gains, and have begun pushing the invaders back in the Vovchansk theatre - not the least thanks to your generous donations, too. Check out what we delivered below.

After defending under the most precarious conditions for months, the influx of U.S. matériel is being felt along the front lines, and Ukraine conducted many successful ATACMS assaults on Russian staging grounds and air defences on Crimea and around Bilhorod. However, Russia musters ever more recruits and throws them on the front lines, and so the situation remains tense. With your unflagging support, and the resolve of UAO's ground team, together we can make a decisive impact, improving the situation for our friends on the front lines in Ukraine. We hope that also this newsletter provides you with persuasive insights in our work.

Your UAO Volunteer Team

Front line insights - UAO’s Rima visited the 10th Mountain Assault Brigade

Ever since its formation in 2015, the 10th Mountain Assault Brigade “Edelweiss”, originally trained for mountain warfare, has been a key actor in the defence of Ukraine, deployed to Mariupol and Bakhmut after the Russian full-scale invasion began.

For our new fundraiser, UAO volunteer Rima visited the brigade’s 109th Battalion on the front line. She received exclusive insights into the battalion’s drone warfare operations, how it deploys FPV drones and how it uses 3D printers right in their dugouts and trenches, to fight back the enemy. Soldiers are printing spare parts and add-ons for drones, but also other arms, on the spot, showing just how rapidly the future of warfare accelerates. Rima was impressed with how well-structured and organised the battalion operates, almost as if it were a competitive peace-time business, replete with laptops and much else that would have seemed unthinkable not so very long ago.

We want to support the 108th and 109th with as much urgently needed equipment as possible: With a fundraising target of $40,000, and drawing from what we have stocked at our warehouse, we intend to provide the following:

  • 3D printers and consumables
  • Anti-drone jammers
  • FPV drones
  • Tactical equipment

With your donations, we support the heroes from the 10th Mountain Assault Brigade. Of course, as always, we have patches, flags and other unique giveaways for donors!

Donate here: https://donorbox.org/mountain-brigade

Our work along the front lines - deliveries of critical equipment in the Kharkiv direction and in the East

One thing is certain, the intensity of battles does not decrease, and UAO continues its support wherever it is needed most. After our successful “Lyut Brigade” and “Kharkiv defenders” campaigns, we made not just one, but multiple deliveries of critical equipment to the Kharkiv region. Enabled with your generous support, the valiant defenders of Ukraine stopped the Russian advance, even managing to push back in several locations. We particularly supported units fighting in and around Vovchansk - the Lyut Brigade and the 82nd Airborne Assault Brigade - with drones and tactical equipment.

Thanks to your generous donations, we continue purchasing equipment, and were able to support the troops fighting in the East. Yuri and Rima made deliveries to the Rubizh Brigade, Omega Special Unit, 79th Brigade, 56th Brigade, 142nd Brigade - and more. Throughout June, we managed to supply a vast array of items that helped to increase Ukraine’s defenders’ combat effectiveness; the list, while not complete, is truly impressive:

  • FPV drones to defend positions against advancing Russian columns
  • Autel 4T Max & Mavic 3T thermal vision drones to see the enemy at night
  • Tablets for drone and artillery units to make optimal use of the drones
  • Range extenders to increase the combat effectiveness of drones
  • Ecoflow batteries to charge drones and electronical devices
  • Generators for stable energy supply in positions
  • Starlink terminals to enable reliable communication between units
  • Thermal vision devices to enable our heroes to see the enemy at night

Important news for EU-based donors - donate to UAO through an EU-registered charity!

UAO entered into a partner agreement with the Dutch charitable organisation "Stichting Eyes on Ukraine". Now you can make tax-deductible donations for the critical equipment that UAO sources, purchases and distributes. Use the button below to donate (payment processing through iDEAL, SOFORT or Bancontact). You can also make a donation with a regular bank transfer (IBAN: NL86BUNQ2118496753, account holder: Stichting Eyes on Ukraine, currency: EUR).

Tax deductibility: "Eyes on Ukraine" is registered as "Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling" (ANBI), which means it is registered as a charitable organisation, exempt from taxation, in the Netherlands. Tax-deductibility in other EU countries depends on local taxation regulations, so please verify beforehand if your donation is tax-deductible.

Tax receipt: After making your donation, you can request a tax receipt using the button below. The tax receipt will be sent to you in January of the following year.

Find the donation button here: https://ukraineaidops.org/pages/how-to-help

Independence Day discount for purchases from the UAO Victory Gallery

Many of you may already know and love the UAO Victory Gallery. Since the start of the war, there have been several art-related fundraising initiatives, but what makes ours special is that we incorporate parts from Russian wreckage, sourced right from the battlefields. Ukrainian soldiers collect the debris, and Ukrainian artists fashion it into pieces of art. Our idea is to use remnants of war to help to defeat the evil aggressor, a memento of Russian atrocities inflicted on Ukraine ever since 2014. The artwork is sold and the proceeds will be used to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine with critical equipment.

For U.S. Independence Day, we offer a 17,76% discount on all orders with the code “INDEPENDENCE24”, of course with world-wide free shipping. Please take a look at the latest items and secure one for yourself!

You can get your piece here in the Victory Gallery: https://ukraineaidops.org/pages/gallery

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