January 2024 Update - Happy New Year 2024

January 2024 Update - Happy New Year 2024

Happy New Year! As we open the pages to the next chapter, we want to extend our greetings and gratitude for the journey you made with us through precarious times. Like 2022 before, 2023 once again brought many challenges to our friends in Ukraine, who are fighting for their and ultimately our freedom, too, and it is your steadfast commitment and unwavering financial support that has made our collective endeavour possible. Nobody knows what 2024 will bring, but one thing is certain: With your generous support, we will not slacken in our efforts to organise, procure, and deliver to the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in times of urgency. We are forever thankful for the many donations you made and wish you a joyous 2024!

Your UAO Volunteer Team

Omega Kharkiv drone fundraiser
Since we began with drone-specific fundraisers, we provided 10 different units with a package of drones and, where necessary, antennas and other essential accessories. Among those units was Omega Kiev, a famous SOF unit. As you can always expect Ukrainian SOF units to successfully fly impossible missions, we now raise funds for the 2nd squadron of this rather large SF unit - Omega Kharkiv, operating independently from Omega Kyiv.


The race for more and better drones between Ukrainians and russians is relentless and unforgiving; the winning side will have a decisive advantage - and while Ukraine is stepping up domestic drone production, it still has to rely on supplies by volunteer organisations like UAO. This is why we initially launched drone-focused fundraisers. Every week, we seek your support for a specialised drone unit for approximately 20 drones and extras, like a powerful antenna and training if needed. For assembly, we co-operate with renowned drone-builders Khortytska Varta.

UAO relaunches its website including an online shop

We're excited to announce the relaunch of our website, now faster and better than ever. Thanks to the dedication of our volunteers, we have rebuilt the site from the ground up, enhancing its speed and performance. Navigating through our online space is now smoother and more efficient, offering you an improved user experience. We can now integrate fundraising campaigns and a shop for giveaways. As a registered NGO, our fundraising fees are low. Explore the site today - and discover a seamless way to engage with our mission.

For a truly special New Year's promotion, our new shop features patches, flags, and even flags signed by units we have supported in previous fundraisers - all proceeds will be used to purchase extra FPV drones and anti-drone jammers. With the code “UAO2024” you can save 20% at the checkout.


Unit Patches and Flags

UAO makes the first major purchase of anti-drone systems from the "Protect the Skies" fundraiser

Your generous contributions to our recent “Protect the Skies” fundraiser already enabled Yuri to purchase the first of hopefully many anti-drone jammers and “domes” - five anti-drone jammers, three single-frequency anti-drone “domes”, and one triple-frequency anti-drone “dome”. With relentlessly increasing Russian drone warfare, anti-drone devices have become essential battlefield equipment for our Ukrainian friends to protect themselves against FPV attacks, Mavic and Autel drones. Our joint fundraising effort with @Maks_NAFO_FELLA, @VolodimirZelen1 and @ZeroLineFinland almost achieved our goal to raise $43,000, so please try supporting us to protect our Ukrainian friends from Russian drone assaults.

Recognising the rising significance of FPV drones, UAO swiftly adjusted to the evolving dynamics of warfare in Ukraine. Heightened demand for anti-drone jammers, critical devices currently experiencing a shortage, underscores the urgency of the situation. With Russian FPV drone dominance, and a growing influx of FPVs from China targeting entrenched soldiers and armoured vehicles, the deployment of anti-drone jammers has become imperative for safeguarding lives.

Anti Drone Jammer

UAO is now a Nova Post partner

We are excited to announce that UAO was selected as a partner of Nova Post, Ukraine's leading express delivery provider (called Nova Poshta locally). Since the start of the Russian full-scale invasion, Nova Post has become an essential fixture for shipments of aid and relief, a lifeline connecting Ukrainians at home and dispersed all over Europe. Ukrainians have a special fondness for Nova Post - and so do we. As a partner of Nova Post, we are now allowed to send and receive shipments free of cost to support the defenders of Ukraine.

Nova Poshta

Thank you for standing fast with Ukraine. Together, we will win this war!

Sincerely, the UAO volunteer team. 

Heroyam Slava!

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