February 2024 Update - Update and Frontline Help

February 2024 Update - Update and Frontline Help

Icy February marks two anniversaries that shook Ukraine to its core: the February 2014 assault on Crimea, followed by the February 2022 full-scale invasion. The current situation is tough, and our friends on the front lines lack equipment and ammunition, while Russia can rely on its allies Iran, North Korea and China. Last week, president Zelenskyi appointed a new CIC, Oleksandr Syrskyi, responding to the difficult situation and the change of strategy 2024 will bring - defence and fortification, continuing attrition of Russia wherever possible. This will likely be a year of transition. However, let’s not forget that, among much gloom and doom mongering, even if russia advances a little here and there, since early 2022 they have not been able to achieve any significant breakthroughs and Ukraine has reclaimed vastly more - due to the otherworldly valiance of Ukraine’s defenders.

We are helping units currently at Avdiivka, Kupyansk and other areas where the pressure is greatest. And all of you who donate to help support them are absolutely making a difference!

Support the 30th Separate Mechanised Brigade

In November 2023, UAO launched an FPV drone fundraising programme. The first unit we supported that way was the UAV unit of the 30th Separate Mechanised Brigade. Since then, we learned more about the heroic achievements of this brigade, but also about the difficulties it faces in its current position on the front line. We felt the need to organise a new fundraiser to respond to the most urgent requests from the entire brigade.

The 30th Separate Mechanised Brigade, well known for its valiant soldiering at and around Kherson International Airport ealy on in the war, is probably best known for dealing the Russian forces a spectacular defeat in their attempted crossing of the Siverskyi Donets river, where, in less than a week, close to 100 pieces of Russian equipment and over 500 troops were eliminated in deeply forested and difficult terrain.


Like before in Debaltseve, Maryinka and then Bakhmut, the 30th is once again deployed to critical battlezones, this time in the Kupyansk (Kharkiv region) and Soledar (Donetsk region) directions, which is why we decided to launch a dedicated fundraiser. We ask for your support to purchase drones, drone jammers and communications equipment. In return, we received some unique giveaways for donors, such as commemorative wood mounted metal plaques signed by the brigade commander, and handcrafted coins.

For the military history buffs amongst you UAO donors: Initially, the brigade was formed as 83rd Cavalry Division over 80 years ago in the city of Samarkand, Uzbekistan. The 30th Independent Mechanised Brigade "Konstanty Ostrogski" in its modern day incarnation derives its name from Prince Konstantin Ostrozky, the commander of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania in the early modern era. The brigade’s insignia depicts the symbols of the fortress of Prince Ostrozhsky. The fortress was located in ancient Zviahel, where the brigade is garrisoned today. The symbol of the brigade became a "British-type" shield, bordered by a yellow edging, divided (dissected) into red (heraldically right) and black (heraldically left) halves. The shield contains a heraldic figure from the coat of arms of Prince Konstantin Ostrozky, called "ostroga" or "knight's spur".

Special thank-you to our Australian donors and the Auxilius Foundation 

Maybe you saw that UAO received a generous contribution from the Australian Auxilius Foundation towards drones, one of the most critical type of items needed on the front lines. Auxilius enables Australian donors to make tax-deductible donations to UAO. What is more - they initiated a matching programme for each of your donations. If you are living in Australia, and want to support our effort, this is an excellent way to boost your own donation - and it is tax-deductible!


Additional critical equipment keeps coming in

Thanks to your donations, we were able to make additional purchases of critical equipment. As a general rule, we buy equipment in bulk, at a substantial discount, often exempt from VAT - we always ensure to make the most of your donations. Among other items, we recently bought 32 additional 3200W KnappWulf inverter-generators that arrived in Ukraine (delivered by the “Minister Boomer” team) last week. Inverters are essential to supply sensitive electronic devices, like laptops, tablets, battery chargers, communications equipment, and more.

The additional batch of generators will ensure 24/7 electricity supply of our friends on the front lines. Moreover, drone parts and batteries worth over $100.000, hundreds of sleeping bags, ponchos, gloves, as well as additional night vision devices and (thermal) drones are on their way to Ukraine right now, to be handed out to our defenders by Yuri and Rima.

Thank you for standing strong with Ukraine. Together, we will win this war!

Sincerely, the UAO volunteer team. 

Heroyam Slava!

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