December 2023 Update - 2023 Achievements and Christmas Fundraiser

December 2023 Update - 2023 Achievements and Christmas Fundraiser

As we bid farewell to another year of war, it's with a sense of gratitude and reflection that we bring you our end-of-year newsletter. 2023 has been a journey filled with many challenges and shared moments that have shaped our collective experience. It was your donations that made this year a testament to resilience and the strength found in unity. Thank you for being such an integral part of our story, and we look forward to sharing the next chapter with you. True to the spirit of Christmas, we conclude 2023 with a call for donations towards critical life-saving anti-drone devices.


Below you’ll find an overview of UAO procurements through 2023, for a value of nearly $2 million - made possible by people like you. Additional donations made through our Amazon wish lists come on top!

  • 154 night vision (incl. thermal) devices and accessories        
  • 88 regular drones        
  • 22 thermal drones        
  • 42 high end drones        
  • Batteries & amplifiers for drones    
  • 275K worth of drone parts        
  • 180 tablets      
  • 10 boats and motors        
  • 3 cars        
  • 16 ambulances / evacuation vehicles        
  • 5 winter tyres        
  • 10 Starlink sets        
  • 5 anti-drone guns        
  • 450 active ear protectors        
  • 300 winter uniforms        
  • 300 sleeping bags        
  • 70 tarpaulins    
  • 32 generators    
  • 197 portable power stations    
  • 700 pairs of tactical gloves    
  • 50% of an X-ray device    
  • 4 oxygen bottles    
  • 320 lifestraws (water filters)    
  • Transportation of 3 field hospital containers    
  • 1000 IFAKs    
  • 1000 chest seals        
  • 2000 tourniquets
  • 23K worth of other medicine & medical supplies    
  • 2 displays and laptops with printer        
  • 1 air-conditioning unit    
  • 1050 helmets        
  • 600 armoured plates

    Donate to Ukraine Aid Ops

    Protect our friends from drone-attacks

    Drone battles between Ukrainian and Russian forces have become a war in the war: Which side is more innovative? Which side has the best supply chain? Which side builds the better protective solution? For much of the war, Ukraine had the upper hand in the drone-wars, but unfortunately, it is now out-matched by Russia. All battlegrounds along the front have become almost fully transparent, with no place to hide or to stage assaults. Every massing of troops or matériel is revealed, day and night.

    For several months, UAO has focused on funding local production of high-quality FPV-drones in Ukraine, helping the AFU to regain the upper hand. This Christmas, we focus on the defensive aspect in the battle of drones. Apart from low-tech defensive measures like dug-outs, nets, cages or tarpaulins that cloak soldiers’ thermal signatures, there are various high-tech means like anti-drone guns or electronic “domes”. Our Christmas fundraiser aims to finance 12 of each to protect up to 20 units of the AFU from relentless Russian drone warfare.

    The anti-drone gun we seek funding for is built in Ukraine. The gun has been vetted in battle; it is said to be as effective as a highly rated Lithuanian model, but at a much lower cost. Better still, it has already been approved by the AFU. Combined with a drone-detection device, it can disrupt reconnaissance and attacks from a variety of Russian drones by scrambling communication between drone and pilot.

    An anti-drone “dome” works differently. It creates an electric field around persons or equipment which burns the electric circuit of the drone. These devices are particularly useful to protect moving objects like tanks and trucks. The device we’re providing is Ukrainian build as well, it has been tested and found effective.

    Fundraiser dedicated to Regina Nazarkewich

    This fundraiser is dedicated to Regina Nazarkewich, the fearless fella who passed away on 9th December. A number of devices will go to units selected in cooperation with Regina's wife and her closest friends from her lengthy battle for Ukraine. Lately, Regina was particularly passionate about protecting personnel and patients in front-line evacuation cars. The dome-variant of the anti-drone devices are particularly suitable for the  protection of moving vehicles, and we will make sure that several of the ones we will purchase will be dedicated to the very purpose Regina felt so strongly about.


    Please consider donating now… U.S. citizens can reduce taxation for 2023!

    In case you didn’t know: Ukraine Aid Operations is registered in the U.S. as a 501(c)(3) charity, which can make your donations tax-deductible in the U.S.! The end of the financial year is close, so if you make a donation now, you can still benefit by reducing your tax burden!

    Thank you for standing fast with Ukraine. Together, we will win this war!

    Sincerely, the UAO Volunteer Team. 

    Heroyam Slava!


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