Ukraine Aid Operations - Supported Soldier

Ukraine Aid Operations

We are an international group of civilian volunteers securing protective gear and life-saving equipment, delivered directly into the hands of Ukrainian defenders.

As registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity, donations are deductible to the full extent allowable under IRS regulations. If you want to support our work in Ukraine, you can make a donation here.

We provide...

  • Protective gear (e.g. helmets, plates, ear protection) 
  • Clothing (e.g. uniforms, shoes, tactical gloves)
  • Technical equipment (e.g. night vision devices, drones)
  • Medical equipment (e.g. IFAKs, Tourniquets)
  • Communication devices (e.g. starlinks, secure radios)
  • Vehicles (e.g. ambulances, med-evac cars)
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  • Ukraine Aid Operations - Supported Soldier

    Donate Money

    You can donate to one of our fundraisers. In the US, donations to UAO (registered as 501(c)(3) charity) are tax-deductible. You can also donate stocks and crypto currencies.

    Donate Here 
  • UAO Shop

    You can buy exclusive items from military units we supported, such as signed flags, patches and more.

    UAO Shop 
  • Victory Gallery Shop

    Buy exclusive art pieces made by Ukrainian artists from real battlefield artifacts.

    Victory Gallery 
  • Ukraine Aid Operations - Amazon

    Amazon Wishlist

    With our German Amazon wishlists, you can donate equipment directly to the UAO warehouses (Guidance here):

    Germany: Amazon Germany

Our Achievements

Ukraine Aid Operations - Drone Delivery


Total Donations: >650.000$

Provided Equipment:

  • Over 100 Regular Drones
  • Over 70 Thermal Drones
  • Over 200 Tablets for Drone Operators
  • And much more (e.g. extra batteries, propellers, powerstations)
Go to Drone Fundraiser

Medical Supplies

Total Donations: >281,000$

Provided Equipment:

  • 1500 IFAKs
  • 5000 Tourniquets
  • 1000 Chestseals
  • 4 Ventilators
  • And much more (e.g. ultrasounds, endoscopes, oxygen)
Go to Medical Supplies Fundraiser

Drone Jammers

Total Donations: >60.000$

Provided Equipment:

  • Over 30 life-saving drone jammers for vehicles and trenches
Go to Drone Jammers Fundraiser
Ukraine Aid Operations - Delivery of Night Vision Devices

Night Vision & Thermal Devices

Total Donations: >275,000$

Provided Equipment:

  • 195 Night Vision & Thermal Devices
Go to Thermal Fundraiser
  • 54th Separate Battalion

  • International Legion 2nd Battalion

  • 1st Presid. Brigade

  • Azov Brigade

  • 4th Brigade of the National Guard "Rubizh"

  • GUR – Military Intelligence

  • 25th Airborne Brigade

  • 81st Airmobile Brigade

  • 206th Separate Territorial Defense Battalion

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find Ukraine Aid Operations on Social Media?

What makes Ukraine Aid Ops different?

It’s a challenge to get items exactly where they are needed most. Therefore, Ukraine Aid Ops has set up direct, supplier-to-people-on-the-ground pipeline in Ukraine, which has proven effective for matching demand and supply.

We are different from many other groups helping in Ukraine because we are a registered public charity in the US and Ukraine, which means our finances are subject to strict oversight helping safeguard your donations. 

Why aren't governments supplying these items?​

Supportive governments are doing a lot. But the need in Ukraine still far outstrips the supply, due to the massive stockpiles which the russians possess and which they have dedicated for to their ambition to destroy Ukraine. Grass roots initiatives like ours are
still very necessary and welcomed by the Ukraine government, especially for the
supply of smaller items like drones, helmets, ifaks, cars & night vision.

How much of my donation will go to Ukraine?

Ukraine Aid Ops is run by volunteers who pay a lot of overhead expenses out of their own pockets. This means that almost 100% of the donations go to towards buying and delivering aid and protective equipment, with a small percentage going to necessary overhead like warehouse rent and fees (for example for passing being audited). We regularly publish the results of our fundraisers. The first tax-filing for our US foundation is due in march 2024. In our Transparency Report 2024, you receive a detailled overview regarding how we use your donations.

How do I know Ukraine Aid Operations is legitimate?

This is a great question, and one you should definitely be asking. We are officially registered in Ukraine, UK and the US (where we have the 501(c)(3) charity status), including the valid requirements in terms of accounting and paperwork. Hence, you can rely on that donations go to the designated purpose.

To help show our legitimacy, we can show you photos and videos of units receiving equipment from us. Here are just a few examples of 100+ units we’ve delivered to:

1st Separate Marine Battalion –
Omega Special Unit –
47th Assault Brigade –
51st TDF Battalion:
3rd Separate Assault Brigade –
Sheikh Mansur Batallion –
SBU Special Unit –
Ukrainian Volunteer Corps –
International Legion of Ukraine –

Who exactly are you giving equipment to?

We hand aid, protective equipment and vehicles directly to units in Ukraine that are in harm’s way. This includes medical groups, territorial defense, national guard, regular army and international volunteers that we vet carefully through our deep local network to determine their legitimacy.
Check out the Twitter links under “How do I know this organization is legitimate?” above to see examples.

Are my donations tax deductible (501(c)(3) public charity status)?

In the United States we have been granted 501(c)(3) public charity status, so donations to our fundraisers are currently tax deductible to the full extent of the law for those who file US income taxes.  At this time, to our knowledge, donations are not tax deductible in other countries.

What are our values? For what do we stand?

We are proud that Ukraine Aid Operations is an organization of international volunteers from more than a dozen nations across the globe.

We condemn racism and other forms of extremism and bigotry and we stand for cultural and ethnic diversity which unites behind one aim – helping those who fight for a free and democratic Ukraine!