June 2024 Update - UAO drone jammers for the Kharkiv region

June 2024 Update - UAO drone jammers for the Kharkiv region

Dear supporters of Ukraine,

Like most of you know, Russia has opened a new front in the Kharkiv direction. While the offensive has currently been halted, the situation is still tense. As the defence of our friends on the front lines is now stretched, and over 50% energy generating capacity destroyed, the valiant defenders of Ukraine are facing multiple challenges.

We are in contact with many of the units involved (such as the 82nd Air Assault Brigade and the Special Operation Forces), and are happy and proud to already have supported those soldiers currently fighting in the Kharkiv direction with essential drone jammers, drones and tactical equipment - with several deliveries already successfully completed (have a look on the delivery photos below). Also, the incoming U.S. military aid and the possibility to use Western weapons on Russian ground - though restricted - certainly increases the motivation of our defenders. Our team is ready to help where it is most needed - all enabled by your continuous support. We hope you like this June newsletter to read about the last month’s UAO work in Ukraine.

Your UAO Volunteer Team

On the ground - delivering drone jammers to save lives

With the nature of war shifting ever more rapidly towards the use of specialist electronic devices, the UAO team, always having the finger on the pulse, continues to adapt. While we continue to provide much needed essentials like thermal vision devices, surveillance drones, FPV drones, and electricity generators, anti-drone jammers have emerged as a new key priority in our efforts. The rationale for doing so is obvious: More and more units emphasise, both in conversations with us and in their request letters, how central drone jammers are for their survival on the front lines, and also for protecting valuable matériel. During recent delivery trips to the East, we supplied several drone jammers to paratrooper units, who will use them to protect their vehicles whilst on the move.

You can donate for drone jammers here: https://donorbox.org/uao-clear-skies-fund

But that is definitels not all: From our previous fundraisers, Yuri and Rima delivered equipment to the 3rd Regiment of the Ukrainian Special Operations Forces, the 21st Battalion, to the Chasiv Yar front as well as for the 82nd Air Assault Brigade currently fighting in Vovchansk in the newly embattled Kharkiv region.

When starting a fundraiser, most important to us is to deliver the equipment we procure at the soonest opportunity - in order to facilitate a timely and effective impact on the front lines. Time and again, soldiers express their gratitude when we are able to support them swiftly where support is needed most. Nothing motivates us more than learning from Ukraine’s valiant defenders that our deliveries have the desired impact on the front lines or directly saved lives.

Combat Veteran Reacts & UAO – supporting the Lyut assault brigade fighting in Vovchansk

As with essential equipment and fundraising approaches, we always strive for being up-to-date and forward-looking. For the soldiers of “Lyut”, we have entered into our first YouTube promotion cooperation.

Lyut (eng: "rage", “fury”) is what Ukrainians feel, and rightfully so, expressing their unrelenting resolve to defend their nation. During the war in Donbas, Ukraine converted local police, militias, paramilitaries - as well as volunteers from the Donetsk and Luhansk regions, citizens that remained loyal to Ukraine - into improvised military formations, so-called “special purpose units” that specialised in assault operations. Lyut is one of them.

The assault brigade Lyut of the National Police was formed on the basis of soldiers’ combat experiences and their modern methods of training fighters. Lyut participated in the battles for Kyiv and surroundings, and in many operations in the East of Ukraine. Lyut successfully fulfils its tasks and fights to regain Ukraine’s independence, and is now fighting in Chasiv Yar and the Kharkiv region. Lyut is Ukraine’s shield and sword, and was recently deployed to Vovchansk to repel Russian advances in the Kharkiv region.

Together with the prominent Youtube channel "Combat Veteran Reacts", we want to raise for many drones, drone jammers and more for the Lyut Brigade. Funds raised shall be distributed among three of its regiments: “Tsunami”, “Safari” and “Luhansk 1”.  The bulk of the funds raised will be dedicated to drone jammers and frequency analysers – life-saving equipment. As always, we will offer unique giveaways to donors, such as military unit patches or flags.

The Lyut servicemen showed themselves as true professionals and heroes. Their contribution to the country's defence is huge. We are proud to support these valiant soldiers who continue fulfilling their duty while risking their lives. Please help us to protect them!

You can donate for Lyut here: https://donorbox.org/veteran-reacts-for-lyut

Donation Guide - How to optimise the financial impact of your donation

We often receive the question how to optimise the impact of one’s donation. Here are two simple ways how to increase the impact of your donation:

  1. Tax-deductible donations: Ukraine Aid Ops is registered in the U.S. as 501(c)(3) non-profit charity. Therefore, donations to UAO are deductible to the full extent allowable under IRS regulations (U.S.). Australian supporters can make a tax-deductible donation to UAO via our Australian partner organisation "Auxilius".
  2. Employer matching: Many employers match donations to registered 501(c)(3) charities - particularly in the U.S., Canada or the UK. That way, you can easily double the impact of your donation. If you donate via Donorbox, you can check directly if your employer matches your donation!

When you donate to one of our campaigns and fundraisers (check our current “Lyut Brigade” fundraiser below), you can also receive unique giveaways, such as military unit patches or flags.

That way, Ukraine profits twofold from your donation!

“Know the gear” - drone jammers

As part of our newsletter series “Know the gear”, we provide more details about the equipment we provide, so that you know what we do with your donations.

This time: Drone jammers.


The unprecedented quantity of surveillance and attack drones in use by assaulting Russians has rendered the Ukrainian battlefields transparent, day and night. And so, drone jammers have become indispensable life saving devices for all Ukrainian front line units. Drone jammers are portable or vehicle-mounted counter-UAV (unmanned aerial vehicles) devices that are used to deny drone threats by disrupting specific frequencies that UAVs rely on for communication with its ground control station (GCS). Common frequencies are between 720 and 1050 MHz, 2.4 GHZ, and 5.8 GHz. Counter-UAV frequency jammers try to intercept or overwhelm the drone’s communication with more powerful signals on these frequencies, drowning out the legitimate control signals. Longer range jammers also target and sometimes even “spoof”, satellite GPS and Glonass signals, disrupting the Russian UAV’s navigation and hopefully  crashing or landing it before it reaches its target. Ukraine has increasingly relied on drone jammers since the beginning of Russia’s full-scale invasion and invested substantially into advancing their technology, also boosting domestic manufacturing.

Why is the item so very important:

Disrupting reconnaissance: Drones are used for reconnaissance to gather real-time intelligence on Ukrainian troop movements and positions. Drone jammers disrupt the control and communication signals, preventing the enemy from acquiring valuable intelligence and ensuring the operational security of Ukrainian forces.

Preventing aerial attacks: Drones are increasingly employed to carry out direct attacks, delivering explosives or acting as FPV “kamikaze” drones. By jamming the control signals, Ukrainian forces can neutralise these threats, causing the drones to lose control and crash or return to their operators, thus protecting personnel and critical matériel from potential damage and destruction.

Maintaining tactical advantage: The use of drones can tip the tactical balance in favour of the enemy by providing them with superior situational awareness and the ability to conduct precise strikes. Jammers help to deny this advantage, ensuring that Ukrainian forces can operate without the constant threat of being observed or targeted by enemy drones.

Reducing psychological effects: The near-constant presence and threat of drones has a significant psychological impact on soldiers, leading to increased stress and reduced morale. By effectively jamming drones, Ukrainian forces can alleviate this psychological pressure, allowing troops to maintain a better morale and operational focus.

You can donate for drone jammers here: https://donorbox.org/uao-clear-skies-fund

Thank you for standing strong with Ukraine. Together we will win this war!

Sincerely, the UAO volunteer team. 

Heroyam Slava!