There are many other ways you can help us apart of donating money to either our general campaign or to specific campaigns. If you’re an entrepreneur or influencer or you’re working for a company or media outlet / publisher there are different ways to partner with us. But also as an individual / private person you can help us by spreading the word in your local community or by volunteering for different tasks. 

Partner With Us

Here are 2 examples of companies that decided to partner with us. 

The German company Snocks sponsored 44 boxes (1.3 tons !) of wool socks, underpants, thermo wear and more for our female and male Ukrainian defenders. 

The swiss glasses manufacturer Swisseye is sponsoring 100 bulletproof glasses every month which are protecting Ukrainian defenders’ eyes from shrapnel and injuries. 


Media & Influencer

If you have an audience and you want to help us to spread the word as a company, an entrepreneur, a publisher, a media outlet or an influencer, we are offering interviews, sponsorships, press releases or content cooperations in different areas. 

We had some bigger publications in …. 

If you’re interested in partnering with us, please contact us via email: _____

Local Support

You can also help us by spreading the word in your local community either by hanging out our posters (UAO poster EN, UAO poster DE) or by organizing local fundraisers or dedicating a part of the income of selling or auctioning your products, arts and crafts to support the Ukrainian defenders.

In Alaska @happycreekak decided to sell its products at Fairbanks’ farmers market and donate the proceeds of 2 weekends on winter clothing for our Ukrainian defenders.


Ukraine Aid Ops Local Market Honey

If you want to send us gear, military uniforms, sleeping bags or other useful things, please contact us before you do that via email: ___

Other Support Ideas

Select us in the Amazon smile program… (link to video)


If you want to volunteer and help us with fundraising, organization, logistics, marketing or in another area, please contact us under:

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