It’s been 11 months since Russia launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine. The fear and uncertainty that filled last January and early February as Putin massed 190.000 troops on the border have given way to a resolve to liberate all of Ukraine.

Part of the Russians’ strategy is to break the resolve of Ukraine and its supporters. As the invasion approaches its one year anniversary, it’s vital we send a clear message that we will not give up or get tired of supporting Ukrainians and their struggle for freedom! Between now and Feb 24, we are launching an “Orcs Go Home” campaign.

The goal of this campaign is two-fold. First to provide a morale boost to the people of Ukraine who have been fighting for the past 11 months by showing them that there are many more people who support Ukraine than there are Russian invaders. Secondly, it will have a practical impact by helping us supply Ukrainian defenders with critical life-saving gear as they prepare for spring offensives that will hopefully drive the orcs back where they came from. 

For each $5 donated, you can buy an invading orc a “ticket” to send them back where they belong.

Current Ticket

Previous Tickets

Let’s get “tickets home” for 190.000 invaders by Feb 24! Donations to any of our essential items campaigns count towards our goal of 190.000 tickets. Buy 1 ticket, 10, or even 100 or more!

You will receive a printable e-ticket that you can keep as proof you have helped de-Russify Ukraine. Donors who buy 200 tickets ($1000) or more will get a special golden ticket!

Want another way to help? You can set up a sub-campaign attached to any of these fundraisers to see how many tickets you can get your family, friends, and followers to help purchase! Contact us for more information.

DISCLAIMER *These “tickets” will equip Ukrainian defenders with critical life-saving gear to help them facilitate the orcs’ trips home. The “tickets” are a sign of appreciation for your donation and are not valid tickets .

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