Income & expenses

Overview of income and expenses as of July 5th 2022

The charts on these two pages show the income and expenses of UAO as of July 5th 2022. For the sake of being able to release it more quickly it’s not fully comprehensive, as inventory for example has not been taken into account and deposits are booked immediately as expenses. This overview will be updated every month, as more donations and receipts for expenditure come in.

      Income: $ 759,395.15

On the income side you see the donations given for a specific fundraiser, general donations and the value of the Amazon Gift List items that have been donated. As we do not receive an overview from Amazon for this, the value of the German Amazon items has been estimated, while those of the US items has been deduced from the shipping lists to Europe. Other donated items (uniforms, vehicles, laptops, rent) have not been capitalized and are thus not included in the overview.

      Expenses and balance: $ 759,395.15

On the expense site you find the payments we have made, and in addition each category also contains the reserve for ordered items that have not yet been paid along with allotted reserves for items we are planning to order in that category. The allotted reserves make up 7% of the expenditure. 

The expenses are divided into the following nine categories: 

Helmets and body armor (1), radios and electronics – incl. drones (2), medical supplies (3) and vehicles donated to units (4), these are all items donated at the units.

The transport category (5) includes freight, shipment, gasoline, and a car and van bought for the ground team (combined 15,900 euro). It also includes import taxes which we are due to pay. Other & overhead (6) include for example tablets for the ground team, and various smaller (office) expenses and banking costs. Finally, there is a small unallotted balance (7).

The same value of the Amazon items (8 and 9) that is stated on the income side can also be found on the expense side, as it concerns donated items. These include medical material, drones, ear protection, tactical vests, night vision and many others from the Amazon gift lists. Like on the income side, other donated items (uniforms, vehicles, laptops, rent) have not been capitalized and are thus not included in the overview of expenses.

Our finance team is hard at work pursuing, among other things, sufficient automation of our transactions data that we can be prepared for and pass an audit.  That is a process that often takes new organizations years to reach, but we expect to be there in a matter of months.  The finance team also wishes it be known that they insist upon, and receive, receipts or invoices for every purchase before making a payment or reimbursement.
Any questions about our financial statements or processes can be directed to, or of course, via DM over Twitter.

And if you’re able, please donate by clicking the link below to help us continue our solemn mission to help protect the truly heroic men and women in Ukraine defending the free world against this barbaric Russian aggression.

Heroyam Slava!

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