Donating via Amazon 🇩🇪 from outside 🇩🇪 on desktop

How to quickly donate much needed items to Ukraine through the UkraineAidOps Amazon 🇩🇪 gift list when you are on a desktop computer or laptop:

1. You can find the list at
Click on  Amazon Gift List DE to find items which can purchased in Germany for the fastest delivery to Ukraines forces

2. Sign in to Amazon if you are not already logged in. Amazon does NOT allow purchases without sign-in

3. Change the delivery address by clicking on the “Deliver To: “ in the top left corner of the screen, right beside the logo

4. In the pop-up there will be a field: “or enter a postal code in Germany“ 
Enter any valid 5-digit German postal code. We suggest 55777
Click Apply

5. You should see this pop-up confirming the location. Click Continue

6. Choose your items from the Ukraine Aid Operations GER list on your screen. Click “Proceed to checkout”

7. In the “Select a delivery address” page find Ukraine Aid Operations GER. Click “Deliver to this address”

8. Complete your order.
The currency will be in €EUR which is roughly at par with USD.
Currently: 1.00 EUR = 1.02 USD

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