Ukraine Aid Ops

We are a group of civilians securing protective equipment for Ukraine and delivering it directly, avoiding intermediaries, where it’s needed most. We need YOUR HELP to source, buy and deliver safety goggles, boots, gloves, hearing protection, helmets, flak jackets, knee pads, survey/multi-role airborne drones and vehicles for those in at-risk front line locations.

What is Ukraine Aid Ops' mission?

We supply protective equipment, medical supplies, vehicles and other much needed lifesaving items to units of Ukrainian defense. We deliver these items straight into the hands of the units.

Why aren't Western governments providing these items?

Foreign governments do a lot. But the need in Ukraine still far oustrips the supply, due to the massive growth of the Army in a few months time. That's why grass roots initiatives are still necessary and welcomed by the Ukraine government. Besides that, there are significant logistical challenges in Ukraine at the moment due to the war; it's a challenge to get items exactly where they are needed most. Therefore, Ukraine Aid Ops has set up a direct, supplier-to-people-on-the-ground pipeline in Ukraine, which has proven effective for matching demand and supply.

What Are You Supplying?

Helmets, first aid kits, gloves, boots, hearing protection, safety glasses, flak jackets, knee pads, survey drones, vehicles and more.


First Aid Kits


Knee Pads

Hearing Protection





How Can You Help?

Some FAQ's

Literally 100% of your donation will go toward buying and delivering aid and protective equipment to the people in Ukraine who need it most, unless you direct it specifically to logistics and overhead.  Otherwise, we volunteers are donating ourselves, paying for software, administrative and logistics costs out of pocket. 

We welcome donations toward those, but not if it means smaller amounts for aid and protective equipment. So again, unless clearly stated otherwise, 100% of your donation will go toward buying and delivering aid and protective equipment to the people in Ukraine who need it most. 

This is a great question, and one you should definitely be asking. The entire reason Ukraine Aid Ops exists is because a lot of the larger fundraising efforts by official organizations have not been as effective as hoped at actually getting aid and protective equipment into the hands of those who need it most. 

To help show our legitimacy, we can show you photos and videos of units receiving equipment from us.  In addition, we have partnered with or received public endorsements from people are well-known to have been either on the front lines in Ukraine and directly involved in the fight:

All your donations are going to buy and deliver aid and equipment. Body armor costs around 450 euros in Europe now for a set of ceramic level IV with carrier vest. Multiplied by 10,000, you have $4.5 million. Now add helmets, boots, defibrillators, trauma first aid kits, etc. and we haven’t even reached ambulances and trucks. The need is so great that we do not anticipate any amount donated will cover it fully.  It seems crazy, but they are lacking in ALL of these and we are supplying them as best we can. 

We are manufacturing body armor ourselves with the help of friends for much less, around $160 after all costs.  That will help protect three times as many people with the same expenditure.  With your help we can give the brave defenders of Ukraine more as much life-saving aid and equipment as possible!

We have tested these plates with a variety of weaponry to confirm that they are of sufficient quality, and have worked directly with manufacturers to ensure that the dimensions of the armour plates are correct and that they are produced correctly. Harri has also personally helped deliver these plates via truck transport to Ukraine, and now has a network of trusted volunteers driving them in. He and the UAO Kyiv team are on the ground ensuring that these plates end up directly in the hands of those in Ukraine who need them most.

We are handing aid, protective equipment and vehicles directly to units in Ukraine that are in harm’s way. This includes medical groups, territorial defense, national guard, and other foreign volunteers that we vet carefully through our deep local network to determine their legitimacy.
Check out the Twitter links under “There are so many scams out there. How do I know this is legitimate?” above to see examples.

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